Airwayz to Participate in Leading European Drone Events

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 02 – Dynamic UTM/USSP specialist, Airwayz, has announced today that it will be exhibiting at Airspace World in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 8-11 and Amsterdam Drone Week in the Netherlands from March 21-23.

Airwayz’ unique UTM/USSP coordinates and monitors Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) dynamically in real-time using proprietary AI technology, ensuring safety and efficiency across very low-level airspace for commercial drone activities. By creating safety bubbles around drones and manned aircraft and using real-time predictions and smart assessments, Airwayz maximizes the capacity of the airspace whilst prioritising deconfliction and maintaining safe flights for drones and other aircraft. Furthermore, Airwayz technology can dynamically create no-fly zones, detect other drones/aircraft in the area, predict flight paths, and plan or recommend alternative routes while enabling the operators to focus on critical evolving events.

Eyal Zor, CEO and Co-Founder of Airwayz, is enthusiastic about the team’s upcoming participation at Airspace World Conference and Amsterdam Drone Week, “The drone ecosystem represents a rapidly changing landscape for technological advancement. These prestigious events not only provide an excellent platform for professionals from all corners of our industry for knowledge sharing but also serve as catalysts for further advancing solutions that will shape tomorrow’s airspace. Through every interaction, collaboration, and partnership, Airwayz will keep driving innovation to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in our industry.”

Airwayz has been actively conducting various commercial and government projects, gaining invaluable real-world experience and insights that the team is excited to share during these events. Recently, the company partnered with the Port of Rotterdam to deliver the world-first commercial drone U-Space project over the next two years, collaborating with a range of stakeholders and operators across the port. Additionally, Airwayz will also participate in the second phase of the Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI2) over the next two years after successfully completing the first phase. With a grant of $2 million awarded by the Innovation Authority, Airwayz will provide air traffic management for UAVs, connecting various cities and trialling the integration of air taxis and vertiports, revolutionising the capabilities of electric air travel.

Airwayz’ participation in both Airspace World (Stand I17) and Amsterdam Drone Week (Stand 12.13) provides a great opportunity for visitors to explore the latest innovation in dynamic UTM/USSP.  Spokespeople from Airwayz will be on hand to explain how its unique technology can be applied in industries such as ports and smart cities and used for various applications.

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