Airwayz is revolutionising traffic management

Airwayz offers an AI-based, fully autonomous USSP/UTM system that unlocks the maximum potential of commercial drone activity while providing unprecedented control and safety in the lower airspace.
Just connect your drone operating system to Airwayz’ dynamic UTM/USSP system and bring a new level of safety and efficiency to your business.

As drone technology continues to evolve and become more widespread, safe and efficient drone operation management in urban areas and beyond has become essential.  Airwayz revolutionises airspace, paving the way for scalable multi-drone fleets performing various commercial applications.

With its unique dynamic UTM technology, Airwayz provides seamless operation capabilities for multi-drone operators in a scalable way; all managed in real-time through autonomous decision-making.  Using data integration from manned and unmanned systems, police and weather information, and specific services like Harbour Master, Airwayz’ breakthrough UTM system creates a comprehensive overview of the airspace, comparing the approved flight plans to actual flight performances and calculating aerial risks and changes in the skies.

By leveraging Airwayz’ UTM system, a new era can be unlocked for commercial drones that will bring about many exciting business opportunities without compromising safety or security.

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Our Team

We are proud to work with a multidisciplinary team that brings an extraordinary level of talent and vision to our company. We believe that excellence comes through collaboration between individuals with diverse skill sets, which is why we partner with leaders in the industry to drive our service forward.

Eyal Zor
CEO & Founder
Shai Kurianski
CTO & Founder
Yair Yosef
CPO & Founder
Edna Cahanovitc
Tomer Serok
VP Sales

Our partners

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Airwayz is revolutionising traffic management of the lower airspace, paving the way for scalable multi-fleet drone operations with its dynamic USSP/UTM technology.