Airwayz provides AI-based dynamic UTM/USSP for the safe, efficient and scalable management of multiple drone operators in the same airspace. This is achieved through critical technology solutions, many of which are unique to Airwayz….


Airwayz dynamic UTM/USSP offers the only safe and efficient way to manage the lower airspace operating multiple fleets of drones. The system can make autonomous decisions, such as flight validation, approval and new route suggestions, all within a five-second window. The UTM continuously monitors the airspace for manned and unmanned aircraft to avoid any risks and can autonomously reroute drone flights whilst already airborne. With this, drone operators are free to focus on more critically evolving events, with the power to overwrite the decisions of the system if they need to. With Airwayz UTM, long approval cycles for every flight and expensive airspace committed to single operators are a thing of the past.


First and foremost, Airwayz UTM/USSP is focused on safety. This is ensured by the continuous monitoring of nearby agents, weather conditions and other potentially risky situations. Airwayz UTM/USSP identifies and assesses the potential risks, informing the parties involved on the need to act, and the best possible action available to avoid the risk of collision. The system can reroute flights whilst airborne completely autonomously – although the requirement for drone operators has not been eliminated and pilots can overwrite the decisions of the system when required.

Dynamic management

Airwayz UTM/USSP is the only solution that allows fully dynamic management of the airspace.

Every drone operator can go from any point to another at any time as long as it reports to the UTM/USSP system. During pre-flight and when the drone is airborne, the UTM/USSP keeps checking for any changes in the environment that increase risk, when this happens, the system simply suggests flight plan changes to the operator so the target of the mission can still be achieved whilst minimizing risk.

The dynamic capabilities of Airwayz UTM/USSP maximize the usage of airspace to the greatest capacity, increasing commercial potential, without compromising on safety.

Temporary U-Space

For short-term events or ad-hoc cases, Airwayz uses ‘temporary U-Space’ to ensure the safety of drone flight paths. Easily set up, and then removed once the system has served its purpose.

Airwayz uses AI to track and predict flight paths, assess the quality of predictions, and change temporary U-Space’ sizes based on risk – allowing capacity for more aircraft where possible but prioritizing safety by increasing temporary U-Space sizes in higher-risk situations.