Likened to air traffic control for the lower airspace, Airwayz provides AI-based dynamic UTM/USSP for the safe, efficient and scalable management of multiple drone operators in the same airspace. This is achieved through critical technology solutions, many of which are unique to Airwayz….

Sea Ports

In today’s modern seaports, drones are playing a more important role than ever. With advances in lower airspace technology, drones are commonly used for surveillance, inspection, incident control, and more. As drones become more widespread throughout port areas, UAS Traffic Management (UTM) can be necessary to ensure safe navigation in the lower airspace for drone operators.

Working to the regulator’s requirements, Airwayz UTM/USSP manages the U-Space safely, efficiently, and compliantly. Delivering optimizing airtime for client drones and third-party drones, Airwayz monitors the airspace in real-time and uses AI to manage multiple drone operators dynamically. Allowing ports to incorporate weather conditions and helicopter flight plans into their systems, whilst identifying rogue drones and reacting to unexpected changes to flight plans Airwayz ensures the safe and efficient operation of the seaport’s airspace.

Airwayz is already operating in the world-first commercial Dynamic U-space project at the Port of Rotterdam. To discover more about this amazing endeavor, click here now!

Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities is no longer an abstract idea – it’s tangible, with real-life implications that will shape our future and impact generations to come. From drone deliveries and air taxis to comprehensive surveillance coverage for traffic control, infrastructure monitoring, and development examination – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are playing an irreplaceable role in Smart City operations with their easy deployment capabilities, flexible task performance support as well as high-resolution imaging across remote regions.

Now is the time to seize this opportunity and unlock the full potential a smart city offers!

Airwayz’ dynamic UTM/USSP system coordinates and manages multiple drone fleets from various operators, eradicating the risk of potential collisions by requiring pre-approved flight path permissions. The system continuously monitors the very low-level airspace in real-time to ensure safe flights within the dynamic complex city skies, coping with high buildings and structures, micro weather, GSS denies environment, no fly-zones, vertiports, and many more live limitations – while adapting to any new information and response necessary changes in seconds.

Airwayz UTM/USSP is an excellent emergency response support tool that can enable out-of-bound zones over police stations, schools, and other sensitive locations, thereby quickly closing off airspace in an accident or incident and keeping the site private.

The ability to manage all air vehicles in the same skies is undeniably important and will allow people, and their businesses, to live better and more efficient lives. Airwayz is working towards putting the appropriate infrastructure in place today, ready for the day drones, air taxis, and other air vehicles collectively cross the skies in urban environments.

Property Owners

Property owners can now maximize the potential of their land and its value through the use of drone operations.  With Airwayz, you can open your estate up to a new wave of commercial opportunities with drones, taking advantage of their efficacy for inspections and surveys, or accelerating the delivery of goods. Moreover, running these operations using drones is faster and more cost effective than traditional solutions.

AI-based Airwayz UTM/USSP system is designed to simultaneously manage multiple fleets of drones from different operators in the airspace. Using Airwayz UTM/USSP, drones can execute planned and continuous monitoring of perimeters, assets, or security risks. Airwayz’ game-changing technology provides huge scope to reduce manpower, cost, carbon emissions, frequency of maintenance (condition-based maintenance versus scheduled), and business risk while improving remote monitoring and procedural compliance.

Airwayz is here to guarantee that your estate’s airspace is safely managed, ensuring the seamless coexistence of all manual and autonomous aviation operations taking place.

Unlock the possibilities associated with your property today and reap its true benefits through Airwayz!