How is Airwayz unique?

Airwayz is revolutionizing drone operations, taking a unique approach to managing the skies through dynamic technology, allowing the seamless execution of projects from simple to highly sophisticated. Combining real-time input from drones, with big-picture airspace intelligence, Airwayz’ solution provides a truly dynamic solution – far beyond the competition.

Airwayz UTM/USSP offers seamless tactical deconfliction, using proximity rather than segregating drones into different corridors of airspace, a breath of fresh air in the aviation industry. From fully autonomous to manual operations, Airwayz UTM/USSP technology provides unmatched capability in complex airspace environments that require meticulous management. Airwayz’ cutting-edge AI engine is able to seamlessly balance control and de-confliction with manned aircraft for safe flight paths – all while syncing GIS maps and other inputs – without compromising on scalability.

Airwayz offers unprecedented levels of autonomy, safety, and efficiency by employing a series of advanced AI algorithms that can automatically react to sudden changes, or even system failure, whilst maintaining a smooth operation. Instead of pre-planned flight routes along dedicated zones or corridors, as many companies offer, Airwayz creates safety bubbles around drones and manned aircraft and uses real-time predictions and smart assessments to ensure proximity parameters are met, whatever happens. This maximizes the capacity of the airspace and maintains safe and efficient flights for drones and other aircraft. AI-based UTM/USSP technology can also create no-fly zones dynamically, detect other drones/aircraft in the area, predict flight paths and plan or recommend alternative routes while enabling the operators to focus on critical evolving events.

In addition, all calculations are completed without requiring any hardware on the drones, and Airwayz systems are drone agnostic, so they can be used in any set-up.

With a wealth of practical experience, Airwayz is pushing the boundaries of the industry, bringing ground-breaking drone projects to life. With more than 16,000 flights successfully completed by 10+ drone operators in a unified system as part of the Israeli National Drone Initiative (INDI, formerly known as NAAMA) pilot programme and its collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam to create the world’s first commercial U-Space, Airwayz is truly pioneering.

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